6 SEO Tips for Recruitment Websites

  Recruitment websites should be designed to support the recruitment process by attracting more talent and bringing more applications from candidates who are searching for new opportunities. However, having just a nicely designed recruitment website is not enough. To make it work, you need to make sure your site is SEO friendly and can be found by Google and other major search engines.

1. Do keywords Research and Optimize 

– You should begin your SEO strategy with searching keywords related to your services and jobs you offer, find out whether people are searching for them and how competitive those keywords are.

2.DEfine your User Journey

– each website should have a clearly defined user journey, which will help visitors navigate on the site. you should ask yourself the following: what do you expect a web user to do? What pags should they visit before they convert?

3. Update Your website with new Content 

– Google likes websites that are frequently updated with new good quality content.Posting your current job offers is a quick and easy way to add more relevant pages to your site.

4.make sure your site is mobile-friendly

– If your site is responsive to devices of smaller screen size. if images are not optimized, the font is too small on the buttons and are not finger tap friendly, your site might be punished by google.

5. Be active on social media 

– Although social media does not have an immediate direct impact on your career website, ranking this a  good channel for search Engine marketing SEM strategy to attract to your job site and boost brand awareness.

6. Measure your site performance

– The best way to measure your website performance is through a tool such as google analytics. You can see when and where visitors access your website and how they behave on your site.