Data Analytics Software

Data analysis will incorporate various Business intelligence tools that can aggregate the data and present it in a way that can be used by all teams for enhanced collaboration. 1. Data analysis is the process where raw data is modeled, cleansed, and transformed through software with the aim of drawing conclusions from it. 2. Once […]


Coaching, consulting, therapy— How do you know the difference? Coaching is frequently confused but a distinctly unique experience. Sign up for my six week group coaching program to get hands on practice coaching and discuss how to apply coaching to your role. Coaching, consulting, and therapy are frequently confused. Here are some specific ways in […]

How To Tell Google Your New Website Exists

Learn how to get your website found and indexed by Google and Bing. Whether it is a new website or an existing one, this is worth doing. CREATE A SITEMAP A Sitemap (xml file) tells Google and other search engines what pages, posts and other content you have on your website. It helps them find […]

Hr Manager’s Guide to Starting an > Hr Department From Scratch

WHAT IS THE HR DEPARTMENT ?  The Human Resource (HR) team is a division in a business in charge of hiring, training, and retaining employees, as well as mediating employee concerns and keeping track of their wellness. As the HR Manager, your responsibility is to form the organization’s basic structure and ensure that everyone is […]

Benefits of Doing an Internship

An internship is crucial for individuals, students or newly graduates looking to gain experience working in a specific industry. Working as an intern is an important step toward establishing a successful career. Internships can be found through job postings on various websites, and some companies may even come to campus looking for interns. Working an […]

Demystifying A Data Scientist

Define ‘Data Scientist’ Geeks with gigantic glasses and round bellies – Data Scientists are warm, pleasant individuals like any of us, who are very adept at analyzing data, seeing non-obvious patterns in large volumes of data, and contribute significantly to creating a competitive edge for the business. Data Scientists serve no purpose and are a […]

Why You Should Start Journaling

There are many reasons why we journal. From travel journals, dream journals, gratitude journals to prayer journals, we keep specific journals for different aspects of our life. In the past, many people kept personal journals, where they recorded the day’s events and their observations. Without diarists like Anne Frank and Samuel Pepys, we wouldn’t know […]

Personal Finance 101

Steps in Financial Goal Planning, Examples of Short-Term, Intermediate-Term and Long-Term Financial Goals Steps in Financial Goal Planning Write down all of your life goals-both financial and non-financial specific that will require monetary resources (see examples below) Organize goals into short-term (approximately 1 year), intermediate-term (approximately 2-5 years), and long-term (more than 5 years) goals. […]

The Essential Guide to Recruiting the Passive Candidate

The recruitment strategy NEEDS to be different from that of recruiting the active candidates. Always Remember  Remember, you found them, they didn’t come to you. Always keep this in mind. Your strategy and tactics need to be very different to those applied to the active candidates. Sell  You’ve identified them. Therefore they have the skills […]

Are Cover Letters Still A Thing ?

 A cover letter is an important tool that lets you show that your skills and work experience meet the employer’s expectations.   It allows you to address the recruiter’s needs by giving more context to your resume. Yes, they almost always are! 80% of recruiters agree that, although not strictly necessary, a well-written cover letter gives […]