Big News for Hotel Magnate!

Hotel Magnate

Publisher, Crytivo, alongside the development team, Arcade Oven, is proud to announce the Early Access Release of the hotel simulation and tycoon game, Hotel Magnate, on October 5, 2021. 

Hotel Magnate will be a hit among fans of popular simulation games such as The Sims and building + management games like old-school tycoons.


We’re happy to consider press and content creators for early access to Hotel Magnate. Please send us an email expressing your interest in reviewing the game.

Design and manage your own hotel with a plethora of customization tools, a host of facilities to build, and a wide variety of guests to impress. Hotel Magnate has it all!

With the ultimate goal of creating a thriving hotel, your aim is to attract a substantial clientele (preferably wealthier guests) and secure your place as a top-rated business. Improve your facilities, beautify your hotel, and let your inner hotel manager shine!
Keep your guests happy and entertained during their stay!

Key features:

  • Build, furnish, and oversee your own hotel
  • Fulfill the needs and demands of your guests 
  • Hire employees to clean, serve, manage, and maintain your hotel
  • Take control of the inner-workings of your business by managing bedrooms, wages, restaurants, and many other operations
  • Become adept at marketing to attract different types of guests and generate buzz

Be creative, play with color, and have fun!

Early Access Release Information
Date: October 5, 2021
Platforms: PC
Languages: EN

About Arcade Oven
Arcade Oven – formerly known as Bastion Interactive – is a talented, international team of five who are excited to release their fun, bright, and eccentric simulation game. Once a passion project, Hotel Magnate will soon be out in the world for all to enjoy.

About Crytivo
Crytivo is an indie developer and publisher, founded in 2017 by Alex Koshelkov in San Diego, California. Crytivo works with game developers around the globe to help bring to market the best and most creative indie games.