Drop Dead Dual Strike unleashes the horde once again with a brand new Deadly Defense mode.

Drop Dead

Drop Dead Dual Strike releases a new content update, adding a brand new multiplayer mode to horde: Deadly Defense.

Leamington Spa, UK5th of August 2021, – Pixel Toys are thrilled to announce a brand new multiplayer horde mode, for the highly acclaimed and chart-topping Drop Dead series, which first released on Oculus Quest in 2019 with Drop Dead: Dualstrike.

Deadly Defense is a new game mode where players work together to defend a deployed repeater from the zombie horde. The rules are simple: Defend the repeater for as long as possible and avoid being killed in the process! If players are able to surpass wave 30 the repeater will successfully locate the infamous Dr Monday’s secret lair and thus complete their mission!

About Pixel Toys 

Pixel Toys’ mission is to create the most exciting, visually intensive, high-impact action titles for mobile and VR platforms. With titles designed and art directed for the big screen, Pixel Toys focusses on refining gameplay and control mechanics to deliver intuitive yet precise control systems for all devices. Best known for Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade which saw almost 15 million downloads and won numerous awards. Also known for the chart-topping Oculus Quest hit Drop Dead Dual Strike, Pixel Toys are well on the way to be the mobile, VR and AR powerhouse they aspire to.

Pixel people: With a Triple-A console development team heritage and strong management team, Pixel Toys is headed by Andy Wafer, CEO, who has over 20 years’ experience of leading commercial publishing and development with credits on over 30 games. Prior to founding Pixel Toys, Andy was Head of Digital at Activision’s FreeStyle Games. Co-founder Alex Zoro is COO has 20+ years’ experience of delivering multi-million selling AAA games and was previously co-founder and Technical Director at FreeStyleGames. Pixel Toys’ senior development talent includes key programmers, artists and designers with past experience at Sony, Rebellion, Codemasters, Activision and FreestyleGames. With the founders, the senior team have 50+ years of experience on more than 50 titles.