Epic trading card RPG Requia Online out now on mobile


Innovative TCG/RPG/MMO gameplay available on iOS and Android

Developer ODY Software have launched their fantasy card based RPG Requia Online on mobile via iOS and Android.

Requia Online is the studio’s epic debut, offering players a truly unique gameplay experience featuring the social gameplay of massively multiplayer titles, the tactics of real-time card games and the deep character customisation of classic RPGs – all in the highly transportable format of mobile. Designed with player experience in mind, Requia Online can be enjoyed in full for free, and has been specially designed to prevent pay to win.

Awoken on an unfamiliar shore and robbed of their memory, players begin their journey as a complete unknown, taking on tasks and building their character in traditional RPG fashion as they find their place in the lore-rich medieval world of Aurelis. Requia Online’s gameplay is founded on an intricate card system – from the tactical real-time combat against dangerous foes to the comprehensive crafting of weapons, armour and interactive items to help players in their battles.

Inspired by the acclaimed German fantasy novel Requia, Requia Online offers hundreds of hours of immersive content in a deep, complex world where the elements are present in the every-day lives of mortals and war brews on the horizon. Between the compelling main story campaign, hundreds of side-quests, challenging dungeons, item and magic crafting, multiplayer arenas and duels, and regular events and achievements – there is something for everyone in this legendary pocket world.

Oliver Greil, founder of ODY Software said: “After more than 4 years of work, a lot of patience from our family and a thorough beta, I am delighted to finally bring this game to life. I have always wanted to create games with the same level of quality as popular online RPG titles but with the depth and personal dedication of old-school experiences. I hope that players will enjoy exploring the world of Requia Online as much as we enjoyed creating it.“.

Requia Online is available on iOS and Android on September 21st, and is free to download with in-app purchases available to support the devs. 

About Requia Online

Requia Online is a massive multiplayer trading card & role playing game for iOS & Android based on the highly acclaimed German fantasy novel Requia. It innovatively combines the gameplay of collectible card and role-playing games, and breaks the conventions of the usual limited turn-based card games by providing a truly unique single and multiplayer real time combat experience for the first time on mobile. 


  • Action-oriented real time combat system based on card decks of melee and magic attacks, buffs and debuffs, and companions. 
  • Roleplaying trading card gameplay with countless quests to complete on your road to fame and glory – your chosen deck determines the role you play. 
  • comprehensive crafting system allowing for the creation of weapons, armour, accessories and usable items with rare resources to find throughout the world of Aurelis. Take it further with the Auction House to acquire more wealth and become a master merchant.
  • Secure multiplayer gameplay – trade cards with friends, take them on your adventures or fight against them in exciting duels. Fight for glory and honour against other players in the mighty Arena. 
  • An epic fantasy world – explore the four corners of Aurelis, meet a cast of engaging characters and make decisions that change your story. 
  • Regular updates – regular updates to timed events and achievements mean that there’s always something new to do!

About ODY Software

ODY Software is an independent studio based in Tyrol, Austria, creating timeless, high quality and personal games for mobile. 

Requia Online is their debut release.