Ghostopia Gets Spookier For the Halloween Season

Super Social

Supersocial Invites Players to Unique Halloween Event In the Multiplayer Roleplaying Game

Supersocial, a developer and publisher of games experiences for the metaverse, with an initial focus on Roblox, has announced the first Halloween event for their multiplayer RPG Ghostopia. From October 25th to November 2nd, the world of Ghostopia will be refreshed with Halloween themed decor. Players can find “Trick or Treat” sweets that grant them random status effects or complete quests to find hidden gravestones for summoning brand new ghosts to haunt their mansions delivering a real Halloween experience in Ghostopia’s corner of the metaverse.

As part of the event, players can get their hands on a new limited-edition broomstick that will let players fly all around the ghostly realm and participate in a flying mini-game. Players will soar through rings to unlock instructions  to build special Halloween furniture sets. This will only be available to players during the Halloween activity.

Spookier mansions will be especially important on November 2nd, when Ghostopia will host the very first Haunted Mansion competition where players will be able to vote for each other’s mansions to determine who has the spookiest house in all of the void. Voting will end on November 8th with the winners to be announced the same day.

This Halloween event will only be the first of many exciting integrations for the world of Ghostopia.

About Ghostopia

Ghostopia is a unique multiplayer role-playing game where life meets the afterlife. The game is set in a haunted world where players exist alongside ghosts, zombies, and vampires as they discover the secrets of this mysterious other dimension. As residents of this town, players work to turn an old house into the greatest Haunted Mansion in town, by collecting resources from around the world to create furniture and decorations, and completing quests that summon ghosts to become permanent residents in their mansions. 

About Supersocial

Supersocial is a developer and publisher of experiences for the metaverse, focused initially on creating iconic games for the Roblox platform. As part of Supersocial Labs, the company also recruits and employs aspiring Roblox developers to create thrilling experiences in rapid development cycles and provides capital, operating expertise, and infrastructure to bring their unique concepts to life. Founded by serial entrepreneurs Yonatan Raz-Fridman “Yon” (CEO) and Pedro Romi (CFO), the company counts Initial Capital, Griffin Gaming Partners, Warner Music Group, Marc Benioff’s TIME Ventures, LightShed Ventures, Powerhouse Capital, and Aream & Co. as investors in its vision.

Supersocial is setting out to build the Nintendo of the metaverse age with products that make a lasting impact on fans. To achieve this ambition, Supersocial brought on industry leaders from companies such as Nintendo (Chris Campbell, Principal Designer), Big Fish Games (Peter Yiap, Technical Director), and Dreamworks (Cara Khan, Art Director), who bring with them a stellar track record across game design, engineering, and art. In an effort to create the world’s most talent-centric metaverse company, these leaders empower and support a wider team of determined professionals from the game industry as well as veteran Roblox creators.