The Essential Guide to Recruiting the Passive Candidate

The recruitment strategy NEEDS to be different from that of recruiting the active candidates.

Always Remember

 Remember, you found them, they didn’t come to you. Always keep this in mind. Your strategy and tactics need to be very different to those applied to the active candidates.


 You’ve identified them. Therefore they have the skills you want. You need to convince them that you’re right for them. What’s your firm’s unique selling point? What makes you different from their current employer?

Value Them

 Good, talented candidates are hard to find. They’re precious. Chances are they’ll also network with others of similar skill sets. Their experience of your recruitment process can have a lasting impact.

Time and Cost

 It may take time and money to recruit and build relationships with the passive candidate, but it’s worth it. Think of the time and budget you’ll need to use if the wrong person is hired, or you hired the best available active candidate.


 This is essential and yet many passive candidates have experienced poor communication. Once you’ve found them, act quick, or they’ll lose interest. Keep them in the loop with regular updates. Otherwise, it reflects poorly on your organization.