10 Tips on how to recruit on Linkedin

1. Join industry-specific groups

Such as Marketing, PR, and Sales Innovators, Sales Best Practices, Active Training and Team Building, to name a few.

2. Consider more than just active jobseekers

Search for potential candidates and don’t be afraid to write to them

3. Review your competitors’ activities on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn and take inspiration from best practices

4. Ensure you have a company profile

The profile should include brief information about the brand’s history and activities

5. Use your employee network

To promote your brand as an attractive employer. Ask them to share your posts

6. Always check a candidate’s experience

That will help you to gather key information before the first contact

7. Give candidates a chance

To apply for a job offer via LinkedIn. This will speed up and simplify the application process

8. Use ATS systems

To access all applications in one place. Their main feature is to manage the recruitment process faster and more efficiently

9. Posting jobs on LinkedIn

As a pay-per-click model. You can set to terminate the offer as soon as it reaches a certain budget or put it on hold manually at any time

10. Another-free-option

Is to publish a post with a link to your career tab with job offers on your company’s LinkedIn profile