10 Passive Income Ideas

Add a recommended product to your download page

When customers arrive at your download page, offer them an additional product that relates to the one they’re purchasing

Add a “Latest Product” to your email signature

Your email subscribers can see your new product at the bottom of your mail. then click and buy

Offer a product in your follow-up emails

When you follow up with customers who recently made a purchase, offer them a product they might like

Bundle multiple products

Take a group of products you released before. Bundle and repurpose old content to create something new.

Create a membership site

Members can pay a monthly fee to share ideas, ask questions & enjoy exclusive content. People will pay monthly for valuable content

Try affiliate marketing

Advertise other peoples’ products on your website or blog and get a commission. Done well you’ll promote and reap the benefits of your vendors products

Become a vendor

Rather than sell other peoples’ products. create your own products and add them to affiliate networks. Let others do the selling for you for a commission

Recommend products & services

Create a page on your website where you recommend tools. resources and other products Offer both free and paid products

Sell space in your newsletter

An email newsletter with an engaged subscriber list can benefit from you selling space to relevant advertisers. Make sure not to turn off your readers.

Make recommendations inside products

Inside your products, advertise complimentary products or offer discounts. Add free eBooks to lead to your paid products