Frenetic Co-Op Time Management Flight Attendant Simulator Shakes on a Plane Now Available on PlayStation and Xbox Console

shakes on plan on playstation 5 andxobx and pc

That chicken had better not be served cold! Overcooked style multiplayer mayhem, 30,000 ft in the air! ​​​​​​​ Wiesbaden, Germany – 13th August, 2021 – Attention passengers! Please return your seats to the upright position, fasten your seat belts and prepare for some crazy antics! Assemble Entertainment and developer Huu Games are thrilled to announce that chaotic […]

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Update 13.1 Out Now On PC & Consoles

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Update 13.1 is here and brings with it a series of updates to the recently released TAEGO map, including the introduction of plane Emergency Landings at the start of some matches. When flying players over the map, there are times when the plane engine will explode and will be forced to make an emergency […]

Blade Assault Welcomes Katana-Wielding Darcy in Major Free Update

SEATTLE – August 13, 2021 |Blade Assault, an action-packed roguelite platformer from NEOWIZ and developed by Team Suneat, just received its largest update yet with the arrival of the katana-wielding Darcy. She comes with 9 weapon modifications to start, allowing players a lot of flexibility in how to use her unique set of talents. There […]