“aoppella!?” Original Songs Part 2 “Come on up, Baby” Music Video Premieres!


Countdown to Half Year Anniversary Starts on Saturday, September 4th!

Tokyo, Japan – August 31, 2021 – KLab Inc., a leader in online mobile games, announced the release of the new “aoppella!?” In addition, the half year anniversary is scheduled from Saturday, September 4, marking six months since the project was launched. There is a countdown featuring original illustrations on the official Twitter (@aoppella) currently.

“aoppella!?” Original Songs Part 2 “Come on up, Baby” MV Premieres! 

The newest “aoppella!?” original song “Come on up, Baby” features lyrics by Kanata Nakamura, composition by Ryo Takahashi, and arrangement by zakbee. The song is performed by the Kanadezaka Private High School a cappella group FYA’M’.

Prior to the release, the composer Ryo Takahashi said “This was a song created with the intention of showing the listener how one can feel closeness, warmth, and complexity through the power of voices alone.” And further commented “The song creates a mature atmosphere centering on deep tones. This smooth and slightly untamed song is a perfect fit for FYA’M’.”

The students sing about life and love in an R&B rhythm and groove. The song opens with the lines “Count on me, Baby” and continues with “We want you to believe in us and follow our lead” expressing the passion of FYA’M’.

In addition, Daiki Hamano’s (voice of Yui Nekoyashiki) stellar bass performance and the voice percussion by Shugo Nakamura (voice of Fukami Shinkai) are not to be missed!

The cool and stylish FYA’M’ music video also features the students in casual clothing. See the energy of the characters as they depart from the classroom to take on a night on the town. Get a glance at each student’s own unique style out of uniform! 

Come on up, Baby

Singers: Kanadezaka Private High School Members (FYA’M’)

Maito Coresawa CV: Yuki Ono

Mitsuo Ayase CV: Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Akira Shigaki CV: Wataru Urata

Asaharu Soenji CV: Takuya Sato

Yui Nekoyashiki CV: Daiki Hamano

Fukami Shinkai CV: Shugo Nakamura

Lyrics: Kanata Nakamura

Composer: Ryo Takahashi

Arrangement: zakbee

Movie: Syamo.G

Movie Direction: Scotch

“aoppella!?” Half Year Anniversary Kicks Off Saturday, September 4! Check Out the Twitter Countdown!

The “aoppella!?” project is a new original music project by KLab that launched on Thursday, March 4, 2021. The J-Pop cover medley of “Hakujitsu / Pretender” released on the same day surpassed the 1 million view mark (3.9 million views as of August 30, 2021) in just one week. Since then, new content has been steadily rolling out including new original songs, the release of the 1st CD, the start of the web radio series, and a fan contest.

Thanks to the support of fans, the half year anniversary starts on Saturday, September 4. Look forward to special content throughout the celebration.

About “aoppella!?”

“aoppella!?” is KLab’s latest original multimedia music project built on the themes of “youth” and “a cappella”!


It was on that unforgettable day that the boys found themselves changed.

In front of them were ordinary high school students just like them. There were no flashy costumes or musical instruments.

But the moment they began to sing a surreal harmony filled the air and the crowd went wild.

“We want to sing like that! We want to shine, too!”

High school students captivated by the art of a cappella aim for the top in the exclusive high school a cappella contest, “Aoppella”.

They try to perfect their pitch as the show is about to begin!

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