Black Desert Mobile Introduces New Lahn Class

Black Desert Mobile

 Today, Pearl Abyss, the creators of Black Desert Online, announced that the Lahn class is now playable in Black Desert Mobile. Last week, players were given the opportunity to create their Lahn, or her alternative class, Crimson Lily, in the character creator, but now players can dive into the world of Black Desert with their all-new Lahn or Crimson Lily warrior.

Like recently released classes Archer and Fletcher from earlier this year, Lahn has a unique class system. Players can choose between Lahn’s original Ascension class or her alternative Crimson Lily Awakening class from the selection screen.

The combat styles for both Lahn and Crimson Lily are dance-like with both having unique weapons and moves that showcase the character’s elegant techniques. To celebrate the arrival of Lahn, players can earn rewards like Black Pearls, Abyssal accessories, and a tier 4 or 5 pet by reaching Level 60 with either Lahn or Crimson Lily. 

Lahn Class

  • Main Weapon: Crescent Pendulum (a sharp-bladed pendulum dangling from a long rope) 
  • Sub Weapon: Noble Sword
  • Skill: Glide (allows the character to glide atop the clouds before striking) 

Crimson Lily Alternate Class

  •  Main Weapon: Crimson Glaives
  • Sub Weapon: Chain
  • Skill: