City Of Gangster

Build, Bribe, Smuggle, Survive. A world of criminal infamy awaits.

Kasedo Games and SomaSim, have today announced that City of Gangsters, the highly anticipated mafia management sim, is now available to buy on Steam.

USA, January 1920. All production and a huge segment of the national economy has become illegal overnight: bars and saloons are ordered to close, distilleries and breweries forced to go quiet, distributors shut down. But a new era is dawning: a gilded age for smugglers, black markets, illegal manufacture, and organized crime.

Manage production chains, resource distribution and smuggle goods from out of town while bribing the police to look the other way. Eliminate competition and rule in Chicago, Pittsburgh, or Detroit as you keep the booze, and more importantly, money flowing.

As a fresh face in the city at the dawn of Prohibition, players will discover that behind many of the city’s facades, people are building makeshift distilleries, secret loading docks and nighttime speakeasies. Work your way into this network, and the world will be yours.

City of Gangsters is available to buy now on Steam priced at: $29.99 / €29.99 / £26.29.

The Deluxe Edition is also available to buy priced at: $34.99 / €34.99 / £29.99.  and includes the base game plus the Bourbon Bootlegging DLC which features a whole new map location – bourbon-loving Cincinnati, all new skills, missions and business types, a unique victory condition, as well as location specific alcohol resources.