Dust To The End

The Mad Max-like strategy game will keep its original price for a limited time

Even after a nuclear disaster, mankind can’t stop destroying itself. In such a cruel world, where war, hunger and slavery are commonplace, what would you do to survive?

Dust to the End, the post-apocalyptic strategy game by HaoJoy and 2PGames, is finally out on Steam as a fully released title. Today’s update puts an end to its Early Access phase, which started in September 2020. To celebrate this major event, Dust to the End will keep its original price (7,39 EUR/8.99 USD) for a limited time. After that, new players will be able to purchase the game at 9.99 EUR/11.99 USD.

Players will enjoy new features, rewards and fixes that will make the gameplay even more complex and satisfying. Also, it will allow Spanish-speaking users to play Dust to the End in their language. The team recently released an official list of main changes on Valve’s platform.

A century ago, a world-scale nuclear conflict destroyed human civilization as we knew it and forced the scant survivors to hide in underground shelters for decades. You grew up safe in one of them until the day your leaders, sick of living buried, decided to open up the doors finally. Your hope was cut short with rusty blades through your family’s necks, all by the hands of those who emerged before you to rule the surface. Fortunately, you manage to escape that awful shared destiny and find a merchant caravan to start a new life from scratch. But nothing comes for free in this new world, and you’ll have to earn your due…


  • Lead a merchant caravan through the unforgiving wasteland, selling and buying more than 100 kinds of goods in a dynamic economy where supply and demand constantly affect prices.
  • Explore a vast semi-open post-apocalyptic world map where beasts, bandits and other caravans roam freely.
  • Beware the hazards and challenges that this harsh natural environment will pose to your caravan!
  • Discover more than 50 cities and towns, each with different sizes, facilities and trade goods.
  • Fight turn-based battles with 9 categories of weapons and dozens of special skills.
  • Hire new mercenaries for your caravan, each with their own personality, which determines the mercenary’s mood and team status, which in turn affects the team’s combat effectiveness and attitude.
  • Become a leader: explore bunkers, establish and operate underground bases, develop factories and facilities and buy or hire civilian assistants. Do whatever it takes to increase the economic output of your settlement.
  • Wasteland-style design, with more than 40 exquisite hand-made character drawings.
  • Multiple endings, different dialogue choices will affect the plot direction.


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