The Board edition of Klabater’s flagship game already has a preview page on Gamefound, so check it out!

WARSAW – August 12th, 2021 – Crossroads Inn: The Board Game crowdfunding campaign will be launched in September. Klabater’s best-selling game (PC, Xbox One / Series X), sets off to conquer the board game market.
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  • Anyone visiting the campaign website can download the beautiful Crossroads Inn digital cookbook for free, whether they support the campaign or not.
  • Media & Content Creators: If you are interested in receiving TTS digital version or printed edition of the game, please let me know!

The hard life of an innkeeper, or a tavern, bastards, and a race for power!
Crossroads Inn: The Board Game is a strategic and economic board game that, like its digital original, will allow players to manage the development of their inn. The game takes place in the kingdom of Yorevale, where – absolutely accidentally – monarchs keep dying, and their illegitimate children have to compete with each other for influence and power. Players will take on the roles of royal bastards and try to take over the crown. To avoid a bloody civil war, a deal is made, and an honorable bet is born: whoever builds the best inn will become not only the “king” of local gastronomy but also the king of all of Yorevale! So put on aprons and chef’s hats, grab a spatula – and get to work!
About Gamefound, Sirius Game Studio, and the crowdfunding campaign

 “We have decided to raise funds on the Gamefound platform because that’s where board game fans are and we want to reach them directly. We have had three successful campaigns on Kickstarter and it would probably be easier to launch another one there, but this time we want to hit a completely new environment. There were campaigns on Gamefound for games that we ourselves play as fans, so we thought we wanted to be there to open up to new audiences.” – says Michał Gembicki, Joint-CEO at Klabater. – “Crossroads Inn is a strong fantasy franchise, and such games are popular on Gamefound. We are working on the game with Sirius, a company which has extensive knowledge of board games. I hope that their experience, combined with our knowledge of crowdfunding campaign mechanisms, will make the project a great success.”

From PC straight onto the tabletops!

 The original Crossroads Inn game debuted on PC on October 23, 2019, and within hours of its release, the game climbed to 3rd place of the global bestsellers, selling over 100,000 copies, including the season pass and DLCs. On May 19, 2021, the game was also released on Xbox One and Series X consoles. 
How to become the king of local gastronomy… and of a small kingdom along the way!

 In Crossroads Inn: The Board Game players will build an inn from scratch and prepare unique meals, all to meet the expectations of guests from various social classes. It doesn’t matter if it’s simple and folksy Distressed or sublime and capricious representatives of the nobility – everyone wants to drink and eat well. The gameplay will be based on predicting – and blocking! – the actions of the rest of the bastard siblings who run the competing taverns. The one who unscrupulously uses the gold, rumors, and weaknesses of their opponents, will win. There is room for many innkeepers in the kingdom… but there can be only one king! Crossroads Inn: The Board Game offers many ways of achieving this goal. Buying new furniture, getting unique recipes and ingredients for dishes, well-trained employees – everything can help the player achieve the final victory. And if that’s not enough, seductive Vedetas and silver-tongued bards will take care of the needs of even the most demanding guests.
Crossroads Inn: The Board Game offers: Thrilling strategic and economic gameplay for 2-4 players! Two dishes on one plate – become the “king” of gastronomy, and at the same time… the king of Yorevale! Five different social classes of guests whose favor the players must win. Distressed, Outlaws, Travellers, Townsfolk, and Nobles – each class prefers a different type of food and interior design! “Prestige track”, or the way to one’s heart is through their stomach – a unique mechanic that allows you to win the game with fame and prestige points. A system of spreading negative rumors about the competition. Decide whether to slander other players politically, economically, or perhaps with the help of rumors from the Yorevale travel routes. A unique fantasy world from the original PC game – but served with ‘a pinch of salt.’ Hire and fire employees; plague your opponents with an arsenal of dirty tricks.