Knights of San Francisco – Halloween Discount (for immediate release)

Knight Of San Francisco

Knights of San Francisco, a text-only simulation game about exploring goblin-infested San Francisco as a necromancer, is going to be discounted for Halloween (Oct 28 to Nov 1).

Knights of San Francisco is not your usual Halloween fare (no orange pumpkins or “scary” lettering, thank you very much). The game’s author and solo developer, Filip Hracek, designed this game to appeal to the more sophisticated gamers. But it does revolve around a necromancer (a.k.a. the player) and the fights in the game are not pulling any punches – limbs flying, zombies gnawing at living flesh, skulls cracking, you get the idea.
 The game released in May to glowing reviews (TouchArcade “Game of the week”, 8.5/10 from The Gaming Outsider, 4.9 ★ App Store rating, 4.8 ★ Google Play rating).
 On both the App Store and the Play Store, the price will go down from $2.99 to $1.99 (or local equivalent).

  • Platforms: iOS and Android
    • iOS here – 4.9 ★ rating
    • Android here – 4.8 ★ rating
  • Notable coverage:
    • “Game of the week” ★★★★★ — TouchArcade
    • “Absolute Blast” 8.5/10 — The Gaming Outsider
    • “Fantastic Experience” 8.5/10 — Gaming Cypher
    • “Visionary” — DroidGamers