Lazy Sweet Tycoon (Cross-Play Clicker)

Lazy Sweet Tycoon

We’re excited to present Lazy Sweet Tycoon, a Cross-Play Casual Clicker set in a colourful voxel universe where you’ll tap, hold, click, manage and maybe even strategize your way to No.1 CEO in daily multiplayer tycoon contests. Equipped with an island of opportunity and a sweet business destined for success, will you develop your product into health nanobots or sugar-fueled space rockets?

Play at your own pace, on the device of your choice through seamless cross-play between PC and iOS/Android in our cute, colourful and tactile 3D voxel world.


  • Seamless cross-play and cross-saving between PC & iOS/Android.
  • Equipped with unique tap-tech you can tap, hold, drag or button smash furiously to energise your island and profit from releasing the rare energy from ‘charged’ objects.
  • Craft a playstyle with customisable passive and active strategies unlocked via a rich research tree.
  • Balance the ability to Prestige, restarting your progression but granting you epic perks and boosts.
  • Compete against other players in real-time Competitions where your skills and strategy as CEO will be put to the test in revolving seasons, introducing new content and abilities.
  • Develop your recipe from Plain Cookies into Edible Nanobots or Sugar Rockets.
  • Build and upgrade your island but choose wisely from our ever changing Quotes purchase system.
  • Balance logistics and exports by hiring Transportation, from Trucks to Trains and Boats.
  • Manage employees to optimize operations: Hire and fire, boost salary or cut pay, motivate or micromanage, what will be most efficient for your playstyle?

Developer: Sideless Cube Studios Ltd

Publisher: Sideless Cube Studios Ltd

Genre: Simulation / Casual

Platform: PC + cross-play on iOS & Android

Price: $5.99 / £4.99