Negative SEO: How to Prevent a Competitor from Sabotaging Your Website

What is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO-a “black hat” tactic aimed at sabotaging a competitor’s website search rankings.

Negative SEO types

  • Hacking a website
  • Creating toxic backlinks with spammy anchor texts pointing. to the website
  • Scraping a website’s content and creating duplicates of the website
  • Posting fake negative reviews
  • Removing the website’s backlinks by sending out fake removal requests to webmasters

How to prevent a Negative SEO Attack

  • Set up alerts in Google Search Console
  • Perform regular site audits for technical issues
  • Perform regular backlink audits
  • Perform regular duplicate content audits
  • Use the Disavow tool for spammy looking backlinks. Monitor online reviews. for legitimacy
  • Avoid thin content by creating unique, engaging & helpful content

Spotting and proving a negative SEO attack is tricky. Here’s how you can differentiate.

Possible signs of a Negative SEO attack

  • Hijacked website
  • Changes to robot.txt or sitemap
  • An significant increase in spammy backlinks & lost or removed quality backlinks
  • Cloned website or content
  • Spotting mass fake negative reviews

What is NOT Negative SEO

  • An existing backlink profile containing many toxic backlinks
  • Organic ranking drops due to algorithm changes or filters
  • An increase in negative reviews from legitimate customers.