Paper Plane Adventure Lifeslide is Out on Steam

Life Slide

An Atmospheric Experience Unexpectedly Packing Quite a Challenge

August 6th 9AM CET – After two years on Apple Arcade, paper plane adventure Lifeslide is out on Steam today. The game is a relaxing journey through seven stages of life that catches people off guard with how challenging it actually is. Players will master an engineless flight mechanic where gravity and terrain are key elements to stay in flight. 28 levels flowing seamlessly into each other, all of them presenting a unique challenge.

With the jump to PC, developer Dreamteck has expanded and polished the experience. Added to the mix are new levels, plane models and plane appearances. Some existing levels have been overhauled and extended while others have been reworked from scratch.

Lifeslide has three modes of play:

  • Story – 28 procedurally generated levels in chronological order
  • Zen – a laidback experience that can be configured
  • Weekly Challenges – A unique weekly challenge with leaderboards

Dreamteck has also been teasing gameplay footage of multiplayer racing mode, currently in the works. The team is committed to collaborate with their community on improving and expanding the experience further after release.

Lifeslide is out on Steam for the price of 14.99 USD and for those who wish to try the game out before purchasing, Dreamteck has also released a demo that can be downloaded on Steam store page.