Puzzle-platformer Hair Bows Wins 24th Fan Favorite vote at GDWC 2021!

Game Development

Hair Bows by solo indie developer Donnie from Brazil has won the 24th Fan Favorite voting round at the  Game Development World Championship 2021! Hair Bows is available for in Steam Early access.

The developer describes the game: “Use the power of your Hair Bow to solve the puzzles and defeat bizarre creatures in this puzzle-platform game.”

2nd Place: Sclash by Sclashers from France. “Sclash is a tense 2D plug’n play samurai duelling game where battles are won with a single swing of the blade Play as a battle-hardened samurai and fight epic duels where each move counts.”

3rd Place: Hyper-5 by Hyper Productions from United Kingdom. “Hyper-5 is a cinematic shmup inspired by classics from the “golden era” of the 90’s. Responding to a distress beacon, deep space scout ship Hyper-5 is drawn into a terrifying battle with an unknown enemy. “

GDWC team sends congratulations to the winner and thanks to all Nominees and voters. GDWC 2021 is going on and each week nine games are up on an open vote, racing for a spot in the Fan Favorite category finals. Check out latest nominees and vote your favorite at https://thegdwc.com.

GDWC 2021 Fan Favorite Vote 25 Nominees are:

– Gamitate by Team Adrian (Romania)
– Knights of Frontier Valley by Adamant Studios (Germany)
– Memento Infernum by MGames Studio (Poland)
– Mundaun by Hidden Fields (Switzerland)
– REDITUM by EBStar (Turkey)
– Sky Fleet by Enno Games (USA)
– The Lost Mystic Ornament – Action RPG by Machau Games (India)
– The World After by Burning Sunset (France)
– TIC-TAC: Twelve o’clock by ARMAG (Ukraine)