Cats In Time

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Samobor, Croatia – August 13th, 2021 – Pine Studio, the team behind mobile hits The Birdcage and Faraway series, announced that their cute puzzler, “Cats in Time,” is coming to Steam on August 26th. Cats in Time is a relaxing puzzle game where you explore 3D dioramas, solve puzzles, and save cats lost in time. It’s already playable on the App Store and Google Play, where it holds very positive ratings.

“The game is inspired by room escape games and tactile puzzlers like our own The Birdcage, but with a more casual approach. We’ve made visuals more stylized, and the theme of saving cats is relaxing and fun”, says Pine Studio’s Boris Barbir.
Cats in Time Steam page
Cats in Time Key Features

Tactile Puzzles
The main goal of every level is to find ten missing cats, but that simple task is not so simple when the cats are so purrfect at hiding. You’ll have to solve numerous mechanical puzzles to open boxes, doors, roofs, holes, cars, and other weird places.

Ultimate PC version
The Steam version is also the ultimate version of the game and features more detailed 3D graphics, new controls, widescreen support, extra content, and a few surprises. “Cats in Time is our first self-published Steam game, and we wanted to make a proper port that both old and new players will enjoy,” says the lead developer Antonio.

Lost cats
The game features six distinctive locations set at different ages. Players can travel from ancient Egyptian temples all the way to 90s New York streets and even beyond the present – to future Tokyo. “The biggest challenge developing the game was designing more than 250 places to hide the kittens and then designing puzzles connecting those places and the building itself. But it was incredibly fun!” says Pine Studio’s puzzle designer Matija ┼ávaco.

Saving real cats
“In cooperation with “Real Paw,” a local cat rescue association, we’ll help lost cats from our town. We’ve pledged to buy 10kg of cat food for every 100k cats saved from the game!” says Boris. You can read more about the cooperation in the game’s blog post.

Find assets for the game below:
Cats in Time Press Kit
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