SuperPlanet hosts special celebration events for ‘SwordMaster Story’ 1st Anniversary

Sword Master

The mobile game <Sword Master Story>, published by Super Planet and developed by Codecat, will be celebrating its 1st anniversary of its release with some special events.

Sword Master Story is a mobile Hack and Slash Action RPG and it has surpassed 2 million cumulative downloads in May of this year, continuing its service thanks to the support of global users.

In order to repay the support of users, Super Planet has prepared a Limited-Edition Event Dungeon and various events with amazing rewards that users can enjoy together.

The ‘1st Anniversary Limited Edition Event Dungeon’ will be available for about a month and a different Boss will be appearing every day of the week. Through the Event Dungeon, the new 5-star heroes ‘Mia’, ‘Ariel’, and ‘Ifreet’, which are scheduled to be updated in the future, will be revealed in advance.

In addition, you can acquire ‘1st Anniversary Coin’ in the Event Dungeon and Adventure Mode and then exchange it for various items such as 5-star Tickets, 5-star Weapons ‘Elaim’s Sword’ and ‘Excalibur’.

The ‘1st Anniversary Special Attendance Event’ will also be held where all the users who log in for 7 days during the period, will be able to acquire items such as 5-Star Tickets, 4-Star Tickets, and 5-star Equipment Boxes.

In addition, a ‘X5 Event’ that allows you to acquire 5 times more various growth-related goods such as Gold, Refining Scrolls, Reinforcement Scrolls, and a “10,000 Rubis Special coupon” that can help the users summon heroes up to 40 times. Other coupon codes can be found through the SuperPlanet Official Community.

SuperPlanet would like to express gratitude to all the users who have loved Sword Master Story since its release. The company will keep on working harder and do its best to provide the fans of Sword Master Story the best gaming experience possible.

The enthusiasm of users towards the 1st anniversary of Sword Master Story is hotter than ever. Don’t miss out on this 1st anniversary full of amazing benefits and rewards! It’s your turn to become a Sword Master.

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