Tetragon turns the world of puzzling upside-down today


A gorgeous world in a puzzle-box, out now on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Moscow, August 12th, 2021 – Buka Entertainment are proud to invite players worldwide to the magical world of Tetragon, Cafundo Creative Studio’s new puzzle adventure. Out now on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch (with a 20% introductory discount on most platforms), Tetragon puts players in the shoes of Lucios, a woodsman searching for his missing son. Far from being a relaxing walk in the woods, Lucios stumbles into a dimensional nexus, beginning a search through four mysterious and painterly worlds packed with wondrous and magical puzzles.

Enter the Tetragon, a mystical prison-world containing an ancient evil. Controlling Lucios, players will master the power of the TetraGen, a primordial magic that can re-shape the environment around them. Players will shift the stone walls and floors, and twist gravity itself to navigate the labyrinth in brain-teasing ways. Will he and his son escape this maze, and defeat the enemy that lurks within these strange halls?

With over forty puzzling levels spread across four strange domains, Tetragon offers deep puzzles, a strong narrative and a gorgeous painterly aesthetic. Discover the secrets of this world, manipulate its mechanisms, redirect gravity and shift the walls around you to create new routes. Master each world’s unique systems and learn to navigate their hazards as you dive deeper into the Tetragon.

Tetragon is out now on Steam, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch (US and EU) for an RRP of $14.99/€14.99 (with a 20% launch discount exact pricing may vary by platform). Review copies are available on request from the media contact below, and you can find more details on Tetragon‘s official site here.


  • Every level is a perfectly framed painting, each world a beautiful gallery to explore.
  • A thoughtful but challenging adventure, meditatively paced but full of peril.
  • Turn your problems upside down, and wander halls that were once walls.
  • Gorgeous painterly art and a soundtrack thick with mystery, magic and wonder.
  • Over forty levels, set across four wildly different and beautiful environments.
  • A story-driven adventure through a world of mystery and puzzles.
  • Puzzle at your own pace. Pause, consider and plan your moves to succeed.

About Buka Entertainment:

Buka Entertainment was founded in 1994 as video game and console distributor. Since 1996 Buka has also been known as a publisher. Over the years of successful publishing Buka released dozens of projects onto the world market, such as Hard Truck, Pacific Storm, Ex Machina, Pathologic, Collapse, Red Comrades, 9 Monkeys of Shaolin, Darkestville Castle, Redeemer, Ash of Gods and others, many of which have rightly become classics.

About Cafundo Creative Studio:

Tetragon was born in 2014 as a tiny indie project made by a group of friends. At that time the proposal was to create something different from the usual puzzle games, shuffling gameplay and narrative to create a very immersive product. After the first prototype, the original team was not able to continue with the game’s development. The project remained inactive until 2017, when Alexandre Chaves (the game designer and creator) partnered with Cafundo Studio  to continue the development of the game.