Managed IT Services – Strengthening Your Company’s Backbone

When it comes to information technology, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you would have already heard of managed IT services and how it relates to a business’ productivity and efficiency.  Or maybe you have heard of it but are not exactly sure what it really is and what it really contributes to a […]

IP Phones vs Analog Phones – Choosing the Right Business Solution

IP Phones vs Analog Phones – ChoosinIP Phones vs Analog Phones – Choosing the Right Business SolutionIP Unified communications as a viable business tool has progressed steadily and rapidly in the last few years as more and more businesses look to increase mobility and efficiency in the way information is exchanged.  With this development, a […]

Razion EX gets a digital download release – coming in September 16th 2021

Razion EX

NGDEV, the indie game developer announces today that the former NEOGEO SHMUP/2D shooting game Razion EX is going to be in enhanced form available for the Nintendo Switch as digital download on the Nintendo eShop on September 16th. RAZION EX is a horizontal 16 bit CGI shooting game upgraded with 32 bit effects. The score system is […]

SEGA and iam8bit reach for the stars with Sonic Colors: Ultimate vinyl soundtrack

Sonic Colours

Sonic the Hedgehog has delivered fast action and smoking-hot tunes since the series’ inception 30 years ago. As part of a franchise with such a strong musical legacy, Sonic Colors’ energetic soundtrack managed to turn heads (and keep them bobbing) since its Wii debut back in 2010. Today, SEGA and iam8bit are excited to announce that […]