How Do You Ask for a Project Internship?

Asking for a project internship is an important step in starting your career, and it’s essential to approach it professionally and confidently. Here are some more detailed steps to follow: Research the company: Before reaching out to a company, research their projects, values, and culture. Look for specific projects that you’re interested in and that […]

What Does a Data Analyst Intern Do?

A data analyst intern typically works under the guidance of a senior data analyst or manager and assists with various tasks related to data analysis. The specific tasks and responsibilities of a data analyst intern can vary depending on the company and industry they are working in, but some common duties may include: Collecting and […]

How to Welcome and Impress Your New Coaching Clients

How to Welcome and Impress Your New Coaching Clients (1)

1. Welcome message Warmly welcome your new coaching client and reassure them they’ve made the right choice: Share your values and what they can expect from you. 2. Program Summary Summarize the coaching program they paid for so it’s clear what’s included (And not included) 3. Communication Set boundaries; Explain how and when you’ll communicate […]