How to Welcome and Impress Your New Coaching Clients

How to Welcome and Impress Your New Coaching Clients (1)

1. Welcome message

Warmly welcome your new coaching client and reassure them they’ve made the right choice: Share your values and what they can expect from you.

2. Program Summary

Summarize the coaching program they paid for so it’s clear what’s included (And not included)

3. Communication

Set boundaries; Explain how and when you’ll communicate

4. Process Overview

Outline your process to manage client expectations // Clearly list what you’ll need from them (AKA client homework) + deadlines + important dates + timeline

5. Client Best Practices

Share guidelines, tips, and client best practices so they can maximize your time working together

6. Tools & Resources

Share the tools your coaching client needs to be familiar with + links to tutorials if necessary

7. FAQs

Share some frequently asked client questions & your answers

8. Client’s Next Step

Clearly state what your client’s next step is right after reading your welcome packet