7 Ways to Justify Your High-Priced Online Course

 A high-priced online course can be a tricky purchase to justify in the minds of potential buyers . But as a course creator , it’s also your job to help ease their doubts and address their objections . Continue reading to find out 7 ways to justify your premium-priced online course

Premium Content 

 “Premium Content = Premium Price”

Make sure everything is high quality , professional , well-designed , and organized from your content , videos and audios to your slides , workbooks , email seq. And course experience .

The Transformation 

 Focus on the transformation and benefits for your course students and identify the obstacles and problems your course can help them solve , manage , or avoid .

System and Solution 

 Highlight your course as the system and solution to reach a goal or solve a problem faster and more effectively .

It’s Your Course 

 You’re part of why they’ll buy-share your values , story , experience . credentials , and brand mission / connect with them / show you know what they’re going through and how your course can help them forward .

Social Proof

 Share your students’ testimonials , case studies . and reviews / use stats. Before and after , and storytelling .


 Use urgency / scarcity / exclusivity / (or a combination) when applicable . 

List Everything 

 List down everything of value your course students will receive or gain access to / use tiers for anchoring and to push the premium option .