Logos for Different Industries

 There is no doubt about the fact that logos are powerful visual elements that give your business a unique identity in the market . A well-designed logo has the ability to inform customers about the industry it serves along with the products and/or service associated with it .

Clothing and Accessories 

 Attractive fashionable symbols and images can change the overall look of a clothing logo making it profitable for the company .

 While designing a clothing logo , it is important to keep in mind that elements like fonts , colors and images should be coherent so as to portray the exact type of clothing offered by the company .

Business Consulting

 Majority of consulting firms around the world make use of their company names in their logos . Colors like orange , blue , green and red also find frequent use in the logo designs of consulting firms .

Education and Counseling

 Professional and explicable fonts provide a strong credibility and recognition to an educational establishment .

 Use of dark colors like black , navy blue , green or brown are commonly observed in the logos designed for academic institutions .

Food and Beverage 

 An inviting symbol along with right use of colors is essential for food and beverage logos to lure customers towards the product .

 A stylish font helps in conveying the right message . While a traditional font goes absolutely fine with a fine dining restaurant , a bold font with a distinctive look goes perfectly well with a casual steak house logo .

Health and Beauty

 Relevant and clear images focusing on healthcare related service helps to provide a professional feel to a healthcare logo .

 For Healthcare facilities , colors like red , gray , green and blue happen to be standards as they evoke feelings of security and care .


 Professionalism , sincerity and dedication are the key factors every law firm wishes to represent through their logos . Thus , use of sober colors like black and dark brown is always a good idea while designing logos for law firms .

Real Estate 

 Many real estate companies around the world use the initials of their company in the logo design as it opens up several interesting opportunities .

Technology and Science

 The success of any logo related to technology and science is largely dependent on the use of the right colors . These logos mostly include shades of orange , black , green and blue with expressive typefaces like Verdana , Ariel , etc .

 Depicting the exact nature of the business through its design elements is one of the crucial features of a logo related to the technology industry .