A Night at the Races releases on Nintendo Switch on September 3.

A Night At The Races

“a game within a game”

Challenging arcade-platformer inside a thrilling story-adventure.
With online leaderboards.

Made by Mushy Jukebox, A Night at the Races is a unique title where you actually play as a player who tries to win a challenging arcade game tournament, grab the prize money and escape their real life struggles. There are online leaderboards, global and for each of the 200+ levels.

A Night at the Races will be released by Nakana.io on Switch on September 03.

Official Store Description:

You have the night to win a clandestine tournament. Lead the rankings, get the prize, pay your debts, escape hell.

You’re invited to the arcades tonight. Compete illegally with other players for the top of the global leaderboards. You need the prize money to survive.


● A unique narrative – you play as the player, and face their challenges on and off the screen.
● Challenging Arcade-Platformer gameplay – easy to learn, hard to master. Perfect for speedruns.
● Online ranking leaderboards – by level and global.
● Great playtime value – 200+ levels and additional game modes.

DEVELOPED BY Mushy Jukebox

“I wanted to create a wild and unpredictable story wrapped in engaging gameplay, where you become someone living in a dystopian world, spending his time playing a platformer in a warm summer night.” 
 – Umut Derviş, creator of A Night at the Races

“We publish games that aim to offer a new experience. The hybrid nature of A Night at the Races creates a unique synergy between the story and the action.” – Mikaël Bourget, founder of the publishing label