Claw Stars

Claw Stars

Claw for Treasure on the Dark Side of the Moon and Assemble a Unique Event Spaceship!

AUG 19. A dark moon has risen from the horizon… is this an ominous sign, or is it a blessing in disguise? Our Hamsters are ready to explore a new terrain and discover the relics and resources left on this mysterious satellite. Prepare your claws for Claw Stars’ first seasonal event!

Claw Stars is a casual multiplayer mobile game by Appxplore (iCandy) that combines the classic arcade claw machine game with a revolutionary gameplay experience and adorable collectibles. Join a fleet of spacefaring hamsters in their claw machine spaceships to restore planets and collect riches across the universe! This month, the hamsters have discovered an alien planetoid that looks very much like our own Moon. What treasures can we find there?

To get to the mysterious Moon, collect special Energy orbs to power up your Spaceship. These can be found scattered around the Abandoned Zones on each planet. Once you find enough Energy, blast off into the dark night and visit the Moon!

Apart from the unique and valuable resources, a special creature has also been found on the Moon – the Rage Bomby! It looks similar to the Bomby Worms we know, but instead of falling to the ground and blasting ores apart, the Rage Bomby explodes on contact and can damage your Spaceship. Look out for these pesky creatures, as you can’t stay on the Moon in a damaged Spaceship!

Alice has discovered some unique blueprints for a new event Spaceship, Spacesuit, and Joystick on the Moon! The sinister designs feature Yin-Yang symbols that signify our efforts to bring back balance to the universe. Claw up unique materials from the Moon and assemble the complete set in the Assembly Hub before time runs out, and collect more Gems and Shiny Stamps when you finish assembling them! 

What treasures lie on the dark side of the Moon? Only one way to find out– claw your hearts out in Claw Stars today!

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