DeadShotZ new free character – the Human Nurse!

Dead Shotz

IndigoWare’s top down fantasy/zombie themed game DeadShotZ receives a new free character: the Human Nurse.
 Her name is Sheila Pinheiro and as one of the frontline professionals dealing with the social media addiction pandemic she saw the worst and her agility kept her alive… until now.

About DeadShotZ
 A modern look on a classic fantasy world where elves, dwarves and other races live and work peacefully together in the present… until a social media addiction so strong that turns people into zombies starts. Now they must do their best to survive this horror.
 An endless top-down fantasy/zombie shooter: players must survive as long as they can the never ending hordes of zombies and other monsters with multiple characters. Each character provides a unique feature and different stats. Players also transition to new stages as their score rises. Each stage with specific challenges and enemies. Do your best.

About IndigoWarePreviously known as Indigo Arts, IndigoWare is an one-man indie game/software studio located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Developing small innovative PC games with web technologies, using classics as references.