Endocrisis Is available now on PS4


If you like the of souls-like you should try this

The shoot’em up action of Endocrisis is now Available on Play Station 4 (America). But what has a horizontal shoot’em up game in common with a Souls-like game?

Absorb bullets is like roll on Dark Souls

When you play Endocrisis, you will notice that you can’t evade some attacks; you must absorb them. For that, you have to be precise to press the roll button (L1) at the right moment to absorb those bullets. Like, make a roll when you see an enemy attacking you on Dark Souls.

You can block bullets.
You can absorb only the yellow bullets, any other kind of bullets you must have to evade or block it. To block, you just have to stop shooting, and armor will cover you.

Stamina and Life are the same.

In Souls-like games, if you move, you lose stamina. On Endocrisis, this is similar too. You lose energy while shooting, and you must absorb yellow bullets to recover your energy, making the combat of endocrisis a constant absorbing and shooting game.

Endocrisis is hard, and there is no easy mode.

Another thing in common with the souls-like games is that Endocrisis don’t have any difficult settings. And the base difficulty level is high. You have 60 continues to beat the game. If you lost all of them, you should start a new game.

Endocrisis is a pretty unique Shoot’em up game and is now available on PlayStation 4, for the moment, just for the American continent.