Epic Fantasy Battle Simulator Launches on Steam

 Mutiny Software is proud to announce Epic Fantasy Battle Simulator is coming to Steam Early Access on August 30th.

 What is EFBS?

Welcome to Epic Fantasy Battle Simulator, the most immersive medieval battle simulator to date! Throw tens of thousands of soldiers into battle, enjoy the show, or take control of one of them to prove your valor! The only limit is your imagination! Or maybe your CPU?

With a groundbreaking crowd rendering technology, Epic Fantasy Battle Simulator takes the battle simulation to the next level!

  • Ultra high performance crowd rendering system, allowing up to 100,000+ characters on high end PCs
  • Take control of any unit at any time!
  • True combat system with combos, light and heavy attacks, parrying and blocking
  • 4 different factions with a large variety of units and weapons (one handed, two handed, shield, pikes, bows, and more coming)
  • Devastating giant monsters (controllable as well!)

What to expect from Early Access updates?

  • Cavalry units with 3rd person control
  • Siege Battles
  • More Maps
  • Workshop support for custom characters

Additional info

The game will release on Steam Early Access on August 30.
Price: $9.99 (with a launch discount of 15% the first week)