Game Feature Details for Idol Manager, Releasing on 27th July 2021!

Idol Manager

Idol Manager  -developed by Russian indie game developer Glitch Pitch and published by PLAYISM will be releasing on Steam on 27th July, 2021.
 Perform Live at a Major International Sporting Event!

Idol Manager, developed by Russian indie game developer Glitch Pitch, is a business simulator that puts you in charge of a talent agency. Recruit idols, create your own idol groups, and use whatever means necessary to conquer the Japanese entertainment industry. Edge out rival groups to secure that golden ticket to perform live at a major international sporting event.

Beat your rivals to that illustrious stage!
The organizing committee of a major international sporting event is seeking an idol group to perform live at the event. With rival agencies vying for one single spot, it is up to you to create the ideal group and compose the perfect songs to capture the organizing committee’s hearts. Remember, this is a sensitive period, so take care to prevent any and all scandals!

Official group theaters and cafés
In Idol Manager, you can build and operate your very own idol group theaters and cafés. With an official theater, you can boost paid membership numbers to maximize profit. On the other hand, involve your idols in creating idol-specific menu items for the official group café, or even hold events where the idols themselves work as waitresses.

Date your idols
Ever thought of inviting the idols that you have recruited and trained yourself out on romantic dates? Well, in Idol Manager, you can. Beware though, as there are very real risks involved in producer-idol relationships.

Idol group “elections”
Attach voting slips into the CD’s that you produce, have fans vote for their favorite idols and see which of your idols is the most popular! However, it is not all good for whoever comes first, as she may draw the ire of the other members and become a target for internal bullying.

Create your very own idols with the Mod feature
Idol Manager supports Steam Workshop, allowing you to create the idol of your dreams. Train them up in-game and conquer the idol world alongside your very own original idols. (Images borrowed from DEEEER Simulator)