Haunted: A Slip Story – You build the best yard haunts. Sometimes, you go too far.


Haunted: A Slip Story, an interactive weird fiction collection game about designing and building haunted houses, comes out 25 October on itch.io.

Haunted: A Slip Story is an interactive weird fiction collection game from Robert J Gannon. Fans of visual novels, horror games, and adventure games will be drawn into this branching narrative where every choice matters.

In Haunted: A Slip Story, you decide to build your yard haunt for Halloween based around one of three pumpkins. Choose carefully. Each pumpkin leads to an entirely different design, with different props to build and different styles of horror to discover. When you reach Halloween, you have the opportunity to go back and try another haunt, but you know a whole lot more than you should if this was really a fresh start. The stories of Haunted change depending on how you choose to play the game.

The original soundtrack and companion short story collection will also be available on 25 October.

Haunted: A Slip Story features 39 branching narrative combinations with 89 original mixed media illustrations and an original score for each haunt. 

The game will cost $2.50 on itch.io. The soundtrack is available if you pay $6.50 and the soundtrack and short story collection are available if you pay $11. 

Robert J Gannon, Haunted: A Slip Story‘s developer, said: “Haunted has been a dream project to pull together. I wanted to create a game driven by text where the choices matter and help build the horror. I’m still scared of some of what I put together for this game. Adapting these stories again into the new short story collection pushed the experience even further. You are the center of the action in Haunted, but the collection shows that you’re never alone when facing the hidden horrors of the world.”