Join the Green Hell: The Board Game campaign on Kickstarter – a game based on the popular survival video game!

Green Hell

Green Hell: The Board Game campaign, awaited by fans of the popular video game of the same title and board game enthusiasts, has just been launched on Kickstarter. For the next 20 days, everyone will be able to support the project of this unique survival board game. The developers from Galaktus Games are hoping to raise at least 75 000€ needed for production and order fulfillment. Those, who decide to join on the first day will receive a free dice roller with a special UV print.

Green Hell: The Board Game is a cooperative survival game. Jake, known to all fans of the video version, is stranded in the Amazon forest searching for his lost wife, trying to survive in this harsh, and unwelcoming environment. The players are all members of a Search & Rescue team sent with the sole task of locating and retrieving him. Each member has a particular set of skills that will prove necessary to the whole party’s fate. Survival Expert, Medic, Guide, and the Scientist – only well-coordinated cooperation will allow them to complete the mission successfully.

Green Hell: The Board Game, created by Galaktus Games, offers players a high level of gameplay unpredictability thanks to its innovative system of ever-expanding jungle creation based on a modular, semi-random map setup. The jungle and its challenges awaiting the Rescue Party will randomly change every time you play the game with your friends, making each playthrough a unique experience. The team behind the project has put their best efforts to translate the core mechanics from the Green Hell video game, such as backpack management, crafting, and building, to the board game format. This helps achieve a similar, complex survival experience that is instantly recognizable to all the fans of the original title.

The game consists of 4 player cards and boards, over 100 cards that are elements of the map, 154 polyomino tiles needed to craft necessary items, over 230 other cards and tokens, as well as 14 dice and dice roller. The Core Pledge is priced at 99€, but it can be expanded with add-ons such as a unique creepy tree dice roller or inserts to organize game elements.

Are you not familiar with the Green Hell video game? Created by Creepy Jar, the team of industry veterans, Green Hell is an ultra-realistic survival simulation game set in the Amazonian forest. You take on the role of Jake, who is stranded in the wilderness, and searching for his lost wife. The game was greatly praised for its relentless difficulty, real-life accuracy, and complex system of intricate gameplay mechanics.

About Galaktus Games

The Galaktus Games team consists of people with over 10 years of experience working with board games. They have played hundreds of different titles, reviewed them, improved their mechanics and rules, and organized numerous board game events. Being a part of the gaming community for many years and observing this phenomenon closely, the creators from Galaktus Games have established numerous contacts with groups of testers from all over the country. This is of great importance when creating new projects, because the opinions and comments of experienced players are priceless. Galaktus Games is aiming to bring popular video game IPs to the world of board games.

About Creepy Jar

Creepy Jar, based out of Warsaw, Poland, is the publisher and developer of critically acclaimed survival game Green Hell. Established in 2016, the studio is a collection of seasoned developers and creators combining years of experience from other successful studios such as Techland and Flying Wild Hog. With an impressive list of titles on their collective resumes (Dying Light, Shadow Warrior, The Witcher 2, Bulletstorm, and more), the Creepy Jar team is passionate about making their products the best they can be with a focus on listening to their community and giving the utmost attention to every little detail. Operating with the belief that every player should be treated with respect, Creepy Jar endeavours to update Green Hell with compelling, free content on a regular basis alongside the implementation of near constant enhancements and corrections.

The Warsaw studio is surging forward bringing the Green Hell experience to the console market in 2021, and recently started development of their next project code-named ‘Chimera’