Keylocker is 90% funded on Kickstarter, Nintendo Switch and PS4/5 Port Stretch Goals revealed!


Keylocker | Turn Based Cyberpunk Action, the new tactical RPG by the developers of Virgo Versus The Zodiac and Osteoblasts, reaches 90% of funding on their Kickstarter and stretch goals are announced for the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4/5 ports. Keylocker started development in 2020, and now the developers released a demo together with their Kickstarter for the fans to test the game out. The Crowdfunding will end 23rd of October.

 To help this game reach their needed funding for port on your preferred platform, head over to their Kickstarter:<wbr />projects/moonana/keylocker-<wbr />turn-based-cyberpunk-actionAnd check out their steam page for their demo: https://store.steampowered.<wbr />com/app/1325040/Keylocker__<wbr />Turn_Based_Cyberpunk_Action/