Krunker Editor makes game development accessible to everyone


Hugely popular browser game becomes powerful game development tool

17 AUG 2021 – Developer Yendis Entertainment has today announced the launch of a much anticipated scripting update to its Krunker Editor tool, which significantly lowers the barrier to entry for game development and publishing for beginners as well as experienced developers. 

Krunker Editor began life as a map editor for Yendis’ hugely popular browser-based first-person shooter, Over time, thanks to updates made by Yendis and the endless creativity of the Krunker community, Krunker Editor has become an entirely free game development platform with a focus on accessibility. The addition of a scripting language proves the final piece of the puzzle for beginners looking to break into the world of game development.

In addition to providing a simple and accessible introduction to game development, Krunker Editor allows multiple users to collaborate on their creations in real time, in the same way a team might work simultaneously on a Google document.

Creators can also publish instantly to Krunker’s portal of user-made games to be played in-browser or on the Krunker Android, PC, Steam or iOs apps.

Game developers are also able to monetise their creations directly through Krunker’s games portal.

Above: Two games created using Krunker Editor
L to R: Battleboats and FacingWorlds

Easy-to-understand game templates also teach the fundamentals of development and scripting in a simple and effective manner – helping first-time creators bring their ideas to life more quickly.

Now, with Krunker Editor, anyone can make any game they like – without the need to master complex software development packages.

Yendis remains committed to continuing to build on Krunker Editor with additions like more monetisation tools and asset drops, to create the most democratic and accessible game development platform for both experienced and novice game developers of any age.

Sidney de Vries, founder of Yendis Entertainment said “Backed by our huge community we wanted to create an independent and free cross-plattform experience for anyone. Gaming should not only be entertaining but also a social environment for gamers and creators.

Krunker Editor is available for interested game developers to use for free, forever. Krunker’s games portal showcases the creative and imaginative work crafted by the Krunker community so far.

Above: Two games created using Krunker Editor
L to R: Pristis and Saucer Labs

About Krunker Editor

Krunker Editor is a game development platform developed by Yendis Entertainment, which provides users with the tools needed to create games which can either be run in-browser or on Android, Steam, PC or iOs.

What sets Krunker apart from other platforms is an emphasis on accessibility and ease of use. Furthermore, unlike many other game development platforms, users can create and publish their games worldwide in-browser directly from the Krunker Editor website, and collaborate on the same project in real-time.

About Yendis Entertainment

Yendis Entertainment Pty Ltd is a Australian based independent game studio founded by Sidney de Vries who has been developing mobile and browser games for over 8 years.