SuperPlanet: ’s New Guild War Content ‘Battlefield of Victory’ Update

Evil Hunter Tycoon

– Guild war content based on 10 vs 10 large-scale battle ‘Battlefield of Victory’
– To celebrate the update, various events and rewards have been prepared!

SuperPlanet’s Mobile Simulation RPG <Evil Hunter Tycoon> has prepared a new large-scale Guild War content called ‘Battlefield of Victory’.

<Evil Hunter Tycoon> combines the characteristics of a simulation game in which the player runs a village and manages economic activities, as well as the characteristics of the RPG genre in which the player develops characters and hunts monsters.

<Evil Hunter Tycoon>, which was released globally in over 150 countries in March 2020, supports 13 languages, including English and Japanese, Chinese, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

It has been consistently loved by mobile game players around the world for its cute and unique pixel graphics, as well as its gameplay in which simulation and RPG genres coexist in harmony.

The ‘Battlefield of Victory’, the core content of this new update, is a guild war content which will take form as a large-scale 10 vs 10 battle. It operates as a two-week season system and consists of a 4 days application period, 4 days team composition period and 6 days of actual battle.

Let us now tell you more about what is waiting for you in the ‘Battlefield of Victory’!

 [ 3 Key Moments in the ‘Battlefield of Victory’ ]

Moment #1. Battle Application Period: Register your best hunters in various ways!
Hunters who can participate in the Battlefield of Victory must have at least 80,000 of Attack Power. The more various hunters are registered in the Hunter Pool, the more flexible it will be to respond to the composition of the opposing team in each battle.

Moment #2. Team Formation Period: Form a team with a variety of occupations!
If there are more than 4 hunters of the same type of occupation, a penalty will be given for each excess hunter. To avoid this, it is necessary to harmoniously register hunters of various occupations.

Moment #3. Combat Period: It does not end when the team is formed. A good layout is also a tactic!
Before the battle, the player must properly place the 10 Hunters that will be sent to the Battlefield of Victory in 10 of the 16 slots. Knowing how to respond to the opposing team’s hunter composition and placement is the key to success in ‘Victory Battlefield’.

To celebrate the arrival of the new ‘Battlefield of Victory’ update, SuperPlanet will also hold a special event that provides ‘Superior Hunter Invitations X5’.

In addition, there will also be a ‘7-day Login Event’ where users will be rewarded just by logging into the game and a time-limited ‘Vacation Costume Coupon’.

More details about the event can be found on the <Evil Hunter Tycoon> global official Discord channel and Super Planet’s official YouTube channel.

Town Chiefs around the world who have been waiting only for the update of <Evil Hunter Tycoon>, and the new Chiefs who will join us from now on, we hope that you will enjoy the new ‘Battlefield of Victory’ update!