Live Now: Tetris Beat’s First Game Update; New Tracks & Levels – Featuring Katherine Ho and more

Tetris Beat

N3TWORK just launched their first Tetris Beat game update, which will include the first expansion to the roster of musicians who’ve created new playable tracks for the Apple Arcade exclusive game, available via multiple Apple devices. This update will include new levels powered by notable musicians such as Katherine Ho (Crazy Rich Asians Soundtrack) and DJ Qbert (DMC Legend & World Champion). 

Sharing additional details for the first of many game updates below along with some great quotes from Katherine Ho, DJ Qbert, and the other partner musicians to amp up your content. We hope that this information will make it onto your news queue and game update roundups. Please let us know if we can provide you with any additional information, assets, or a scheduled interview with one of the new musicians.

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  • What:
    • First TetrisⓇ Beat game update, launched yesterday, October 25, 2021 – featuring 4 new playable tracks.
    • TetrisⓇ Beat, developed by N3TWORK, fuses the hit gameplay of Tetris with innovative rhythm mechanics and features exclusive Dance, Hip Hop, and Pop music from a diverse and eclectic lineup of trending artists including Alison Wonderland, GARZA, Katherine Ho, DJ Qbert, Hannah Diamond, Octo Octa, Dauwd, CINTHIE and many more.
    • Players can choose from one of three TetrisⓇ Beat modes that each offer a unique variation on the core Tetris gameplay experience. In Drop mode, a fusion of Tetris and rhythm gameplay, players rotate and drop Tetriminos to the beat to build massive combos and score big. Tap mode is more casual and rhythm-focused, but still has an element of Tetris strategy. Marathon mode is the Tetris you know and love and allows players to customize their own soundtrack. 
    • General game updates include new leaderboards, improved visual settings, performance optimization, and more.
  • New Musicians and Tracks:
    • Katherine Ho’ Dancing All Alone
    • DJ Qbert’s HYDRA
    • Marcopatino’s Fall for You 
    • Miyachi’ Takusan
  • Where:
    • Exclusively on Apple Arcade

Musician Quotes & Gameplay Assets:

If you’d like to see a gameplay video for each musician’s level, please let us know.

  • DJ Qbert, Hip Hop, Oct Release:
    • “I’ve always dreamt of creating soundtracks for video games… and now I’m awake, doing music for the #1 game of all time!”
    • “Arranging the studio, consolidating the car trunk, etc… everyone’s doing the Tetris! I even apply the phenomena to my skratch combos!”
  • Marcopatino, EDM, Oct Release:
    • “I am honored to have my song Fall For You included in Tetris Beat! As a lifelong gamer and musician, having my music included in one of gaming’s most legendary franchises is a dream come true!”
  • Miyachi, Hip Hop, Oct Release:
    • “Shout out to Tetris, the Jay-Z of video games. Don’t ever box yourself in, in Tetris or in life.”
  • Katherine Ho, Pop, Oct Release:
    • “I played Tetris all the time when I was in college, especially during exam season, when I’d have little study breaks to reward myself with a round of Tetris. Tetris was like a supportive friend that helped get me through stressful times, and it’s such an honor to have my original music be part of a game that I’ve spent so much time playing! It’s even cooler that I get to pay homage to my Asian-American heritage through it being in Mandarin. Much gratitude to Jason Chu for being the best co-writer and translator, and to CHOPS Music for the incredible beat and production.”