Mahokenshi debuts playable demo at Steam Next Fest from October 1st


Mahokenshi, a unique blend of adventure and deckbuilding under development by Game Source Studio, will debut its first playable demo at the upcoming Steam Next Fest starting October 1st. The demo will include three different scenarios to play and will let players choose one of the four houses, House of Ruby, to face the forces of corruption.

The game was recently announced with its first trailer and puts the player into the role of a powerful samurai mage, Mahokenshi, fighting to defend the Celestial Islands from an ancient enemy, the forces of corruption. As Mahokenshi, players will use both steel and magic, choosing their samurai from one of the four different houses. Each one defines their card decks and enables a particular play style.

Mahokenshi features over 300 lovingly illustrated cards, with 50 of them accessible on the demo. It also includes fully animated 3D characters and colorful and vibrant maps divided in hex cells for players to navigate, explore and fight on during their adventures. As they roam around the Celestial Islands they will face powerful foes, come across villages and other opportunities to grow their decks and evolve their card to stronger versions. 

The game combines tactics, exploration and deckbuilding, with strategic play essential, as the forces of corruption will be challenging foes. The turn-based combat offers time to consider the next pand create powerful card combos. Once the players complete the main campaign the characters will unlock new perks and abilities to take into the following playthrough.

Mahokenshi will be released into Early Access early 2022. Players can follow the game’s social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch with the latest news. 

If you are interested in preview codes for the game or interviews please let us know as soon as possible by registering your interest in this form. 

Assets for the game are also available here. 

About Game Source Studio

Game Source Studio specialises in co-development for video games and is renowned for its work on Assassin’s Creed Liberation Remastered (2019), Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, and Marvel’s Avengers (2020). Based in Greater Paris, the team consists of more than 80 experts in development, engineering, porting, and gameplay mandates for PC and consoles.