New My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero update adds two new villains

My Hero Acadamia

Play as Stain and Tomura Shigaraki

Tokyo, Japan – July 28th, 2021 –My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero has received a new update adding two new villains to the hit-anime based game. Since it first arrived on the scene back on May 19th in Europe, it’s been downloaded over 2 million times for both Google Play and the iOS store.

The new update introduces the notorious villain Stain. With his long, reptilian tongue, crimson scarf and onyx armour, Stain has proven to be a fan favorite in the My Hero Academia community. His Quirk, Bloodcurdle, paralyzes his opponents, lengthening their hit recovery duration, while also allowing him to inflict damage upon executing a dodge. He’s definitely a strong S type hero.

Additionally, the League of Villains’s own Tomura Shigaraki will be joining the fray this week, with more evil doers planned to follow in future updates.

Other additions to My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero include the option to permanently increase your stamina by buying the permanent stamina buff beverage.

A recent update now allows players to access premium characters through basic summons one time for free every day.

On top of that, the newly added characters start with a chance of pulling 6 star Support Cards.

About My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. It follows the story of Midoriya, a boy born without superpowers in a world where everyone else has them. Japan’s greatest hero All Might chooses this unlikely candidate as his successor and enrolls him in a prestigious academy for heroes in training. Since debuting in 2014, My Hero Academia has sold over 50 million copies globally and spawned a popular animated series by Bones, which debuted in 2016, had three feature length spin-off films, and a fifth season will premiere in 2021.

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