Summer Landing Event Brings Six New Rare Military Vehicles to War Thunder

War Thunder

Prizes include a Russian airborne combat vehicle, a Finnish WW2 era plane and more

Gaijin Entertainment announces the “Summer Landing” event for the military online action War Thunder. Players get a chance to fight for the six new rare military vehicles: Finnish VL Myrsky II fighter plane, Japanese amphibious Type 3 Ka-Chi tank, Italian destroyer RN Aviere, British carrier-based Buccaneer S.1 attack jet, Russian BMD-4 airborne combat vehicle, German Type 143 Bussard patrol boat, as well as unique decals and decorations honoring airborne and marine troops.

Each war machine listed is a great addition to the rare vehicle collection for War Thunder players.    

The Myrsky II aircraft was created by the Finnish designers and produced locally just before World War II. It is an interesting alternative compared to the famous war machines that were produced by major powers at that time. The Ka-Chi tank, with pontoons attached gives an impression of a patrol boat that somehow found itself crawling over the land. The amphibious vehicle moves through water using two propellers at the rear. The RN Aviere destroyer is known to military history fans because of the Battle at Cape Passero where it bravely attacked the cruiser HMS Ajax. The Buccaneer S.1 was the first serial version of the Blackburn Buccaneer family of jets. Unlike later modifications, this one focused solely on attacking ground and naval targets. The Type 143 Bussard – a sister ship to the Albatros patrol boat well known to War Thunder players, but this one also boasts machine gun placements that help greatly against airborne enemies.   

The BMD-4 airborne combat vehicle is probably the most interesting prize in the event. It was adopted by the Russian army in 2004 and has a great 100mm rifled cannon, that is also a launcher for ATGM’s, therefore can deal with any modern tank. The tracked platform is great for driving on any surface, and is even able to swim. The commander, gunner and driver have night vision sights; the gunner’s sight is additionally equipped with a thermal imager.

In the future, other armoured vehicles from the BMD family will also appear in the regular tech tree.

The full description of the event and the new vehicles are available on the official website.   

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