New Trailer for the Beautifully Narrative Mixed-Genre Game, Torn Away, Released Today

Torn Away

Solve puzzles using ingenuity and stealth in an exquisite adventure featuring point-and-click, minigames and more

Vilnius, Lithuania – 12 August 2021 – Perelesoq and Nordcurrent are honoured to announce that their poignant war story Torn Away will release on Steam this Winter. Set in WW2, the game is inspired by the diaries of children, written during the war, and uses various gameplay mechanics to create an immersively moving experience that chronicles the hardships of Europe in the 1940s and allows the player to explore a familiar setting in a new light.  

Torn Away combines a variety of genres while exploring the tale of Asya, a lost orphan who escaped from a forced labour camp and has to cross the wintry wilderness of Germany and Poland to make her way back home. You will have to persevere through the harsh elements of nature, solving puzzles and engaging in a variety of different types of gameplay to hide from soldiers, look for shelter and food and survive to see your home once again.

Exploring themes around the consequences of war and the effect these tragedies can have on children and other non-combatants, Torn Away hopes to change the dialogue about war and nationalised violence.

“Our goal as a studio is to captivate our audience with thoughtful storytelling, beautiful visuals and expressive music. We want to use this incredible interactive medium of games to explore important stories from history and give players a more pensive and empathetic experience,” said Artem Koblov, creative director at Perelesoq. “Torn Away is more than just a game, an entertainment product; it is a unique way to understand the tragedies of war from a child’s perspective. We are proud to announce that Torn Away is coming this Winter and we are looking forward to sharing it with you.”

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