Online Space Racing Brawler Rocket Rumble Is Out Now on Steam in Early Access

Rocket Rumble

Choose your racer, the battleground, start your engines, and GO!

St. Catharines, Canada, August 4, 2020 – Party is on! Rocket Rumble releases in Early Access with a brand new trailer. PixelNAUTS is excited to announce their space racing brawler, Rocket Rumble, is out. Featuring online single-screen competitive racing, a myriad of options for character customization, and action-packed space combat, this 1 to 4 player party game is available now on Steam for USD $9.99. Enjoy a 10% discount this week!

Introducing a brand new track, the Pirate Bay!

 A challenging pirate obstacle course built among the stars. Race through a pirate village, sunken ships, and Kraken-infested wreckage. Watch out for destructible crates, cannon fire, and rickety hole-filled tracks. It’s all hands on deck in the Pirate Bay when you’re just moments away from walking the plank!!

  • Single-screen local and online multiplayer: Invite your friends and family to an action-packed competition, or queue up to rumble online!   
  • Choose your racer!  
    • Riku – The mystical bird 
    • Bert – The proud pig  
    • Pepper – The friendly corgi 
    • Ophelia – The sassy cat 
    • And more characters to be added after launch!
  • Three procedurally generated tracks: With procedurally generated levels, you’ll never have the same race twice! Fight your way through a robot-filled factory, an asteroid field, and a Space Pirate stronghold. Avoid magma pillars, asteroids, machinery, cannon fire, and the Kraken! Future additions to levels and more tracks on the way mean there’s always something new to look forward to!    
  • Unlock hundreds of new cosmetics: Hats, badges, eyewear, banners, custom suit designs, and more!
  • Season rewards and dynamic leveling: Gain experience each season and earn a host of rewards for your characters! 
  • Brawl your way through each track: Launch disks, toss bombs, blast players, into the air with the Shockpack, and inflate your competition with the Super-Sizer!

There’s more to come in the next months! Participate in the conversation by following PixelNAUTS on Twitter or joining the Rocket Rumble Discord community, home to everything Rocket Rumble. We’re taking community input on everything from new accessories to new track names! And don’t forget to wishlist Rocket Rumble on Steam.
 About PixelNAUTS

PixelNAUTS is a game development company, founded by Alex Golebiowski and Chris Iacobucci. Incorporated in November 2010, PixelNAUTS moved into its offices in St. Catharines, Ontario in January 2011. PixelNAUTS quickly established itself as a game development studio, providing art development services for other companies, and working on original content in-house. Since inception, they have contributed to a variety of high-end productions across a broad range of platforms. PixelNAUTS launched LOST ORBIT: Terminal Velocity in 2019 on PS4, Switch, Xbox, and PC.