Peachleaf Pirates – slice-of-tropical-island-life adventure launches on PC


Laidback RPG out now on Steam with 10% launch discount

 Indie publisher Digerati is delighted to confirm Peachleaf Pirates, the slice-of-tropical-island-life RPG, is out now on Steam priced $6.99, and will be available with a 10% launch discount for a limited time.

The debut game from indie developer Dog Kiss Studio, Peachleaf Pirates is a story-driven RPG with point-and-click and casual farm sim elements. Inspired by classic LucasArts adventure games, such as Monkey Island and Grim Fandango, Peachleaf Pirates casts players in the role of Joe who, after being washed ashore and with no idea how he got there, begins a new life on a strange island. 

About the game

Washed ashore with no memory of how you got there, an eccentric cast of locals welcome you to their quirky paradise. Divide your time between adventuring and homesteading, and discover there’s more to the island than palm trees and parrots in this colorful RPG with point & click & farm-sim elements. Key features

  • Uncover the secrets of the island: Solve puzzles and parlez with the kooky cast of locals to help save the ancient Peachleaf tree from evil in a puntastic tale inspired by the classic point-and-click adventures of yore.
  • Grow and harvest island crops: From Mango and Guava, to Chubaberry and Fairyplum. But be warned – goblins will happily steal any crops left unprotected, and the lush tropical climate can make your plants prone to disease.
  • Battle through the Temple: Explore the many floors of a mysterious jungle temple to find riches and rewards, but be ready for a fight – the temple is home to a LOT of not-so-friendly creatures waiting to mob you from every direction!
  • Raise bizarre animals: Bees make honey. Hens lay eggs. Dinoflies… erm, what do dinoflies do?
  • Master unique skills: Navigate and progress through your skill-trees to become a formidable voodoo spellcaster, a skilled swordmaster or sharpshooter, or an expert homesteader. 
  • Research, crafting, and recipes: Unlock an ever more amazing array of useful items, tools, and foods as you progress.
  • About Digerati As a publisher, Digerati is dedicated to helping independent developers bring their creations to market and into the hands of gamers. We take care of funding, distribution, marketing and production, leaving developers to focus on what they love – making incredible games and unique experiences.  About Dog Kiss Studio Based in Denmark, one-man developer Dog Kiss Studio, aka Carl-Frederik Wibroe has had a less than conventional journey into game dev. He has worked with lions and tigers at a conservation project, been a professional DJ, a drill sergeant in the army, and had a career in hospitality. He also has a degree in psychology, and is equal parts terrified and excited about releasing his first game.