Pompom the Hamster is coming to Steam Next Festival


As Steam Next Fest returns on October 1st through 7th,  developer TOMO CAMP and publisher PID Games are happy to announce that their upcoming game Pompom will be participating to the event, with a demo already available to press here.

Developer Willem Rosenthal will host a stream of the game and talk about development stories on October 10th at 2 AM UTC on the Steam page of the game.


You don’t control Pompom the hamster’s movements, you control everything else. Lay down blocks, springs, cannons, umbrellas, use whips and alter the world, creating a safe path for Pompom to defeat the evil Captain Cat.

From outer space, to beaches full of flying fish, to ancient temples inside deep jungles, the player helps Pompom get past the enemies and beat Captain Cat and his crew.


Play a platformer in a new way, moving not the character but the platforms.

Explore a beautiful tribute to the SNES classics and the 16 bits retro era.

Adventure across 8 worlds in an epic space rescue: jump on flying fish, dodge nasty arrows, dispel vengeful spirits, swim past piranhas, battle flying saucers, and more.

Pompom defeats enemies and collects items, and you can use those items and interact with the world to get him to victory.

Use every item at your disposal: fly out of cannons, swing on ropes, slash vines, splash honey, freeze time and much more.

Key informations

Genre: Platformer, Puzzle

Platforms: PC, Switch

Release date: 2022

Developer: TOMO CAMP

Publisher: PID Games