Power Chord

Rockin’ roguelike deckbuilder Power Chord will hit this year’s Steam Digital Tabletop Fest. Kicking off today through Oct. 25, fans can be among the first to get their hands on the team-based deck-building game.

Developed and published by Big Blue Bubble, creators of the world-renowned My Singing Monsters games, Power Chord assembles Earth’s mightiest musicians to amass their unique abilities to rock out insane combos against demon legions from a dark underworld. With each bandmate bringing their own distinct gameplay style, cards and perks, Power Chord allows players to create distinctive combos based on the different band members.
Power Chord heads to Steam Early Access in December 2021. The game features:

  • Battle of the Bands – Turn-based card combat pitting players against the demon gangs of Helmoth in a tour to take back their city, one dive bar at a time;
  • Band Together – Each band member brings their own unique cards and gear to change up gameplay;
  • Amped Up – Discover new cards while brawling stage-to-stage, unlocking new strategies to take down demons and strengthen instruments of destruction;
  • Encore! – Rogue-like gameplay means that no two tours are ever the same.
  • About Big Blue Bubble
  • Big Blue Bubble is an established video game developer with over 15 years of experience creating fun, innovative, and accessible titles. With more than 100 titles to date, Big Blue Bubble maintains a proven track record of being the first to market with a variety of innovations in technology and game design, establishing the company as a long-standing industry veteran. Big Blue Bubble’s commitment to producing fun, engaging games has earned the studio recognition from prestigious organizations around the world, such as Deloitte, BAFTA, and IGN. Big Blue Bubble continues to produce award-winning titles that stand the test of time, including their top-grossing flagship franchise, My Singing Monsters. Big Blue Bubble is a part of the EG7 (EG7.ST) group of companies headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.