Rising Constellation – coop MMORTS – full release Oct. 27

Rising Constelation

Rising Constellation is a 4X MMO management game, set in a futuristic universe in which multiple factions fight for galactic domination. Immerse yourself in a cooperative gaming experience by choosing your faction according to its political regime, culture and history. Rise through the ranks to become your faction’s charismatic leader and define its military, diplomatic and economic strategies. Lead your faction in its conquest of star systems and towards victory!

Rising Constellation transports you into a sci-fi setting in which accomplished Navarchs (space fleet commanders) pit their destroyers and cruisers against each other, cunning Erased (spies and assassins) conduct undercover operations, and seductive Siderians (orators of great influence) turn their enemies’ populations against them.

Rising Constellation offers several game modes, ranging from highly tactical, small-team RTS games to large role-playing campaigns involving several hundred players.

The game’s large-scale, role-playing elements are further emphasized in Prestige matches, which introduce the possibility for players to collectively write the history of the Rising Constellation universe.KEY FEATURES

  • 3 game modes (Flash, Legacy and Prestige) that offer a wide variety of gaming experiences.
  • A multiplayer game with simple mechanics and tons of replayability thanks to the numerous synergies possible between players.
  • Breathtaking music that will immerse you in the immensity of space.
  • Intense and diversified empire development.
  • 3 agents types (Navarchs, Erased and Siderians) which will level up as you progress and encourage varying playstyles.
  • A rich universe, illustrious characters and a story to be written collectively.
  • Space elevators, planetary shields, interstellar gates… basically the best of science fiction.
  • Innovative team objectives and multiple paths to victory.
  • Future-proof and uncluttered visuals for a complex and engaging strategy game.

GAMERising Constellation4X, MMO, Persistent universePVP OnlyDEVELOPERBlackflag Games StudioBased in SwitzerlandFounded in 2019
RELEASE DATEEarly-access : November 2020Full release : October 27, 2021
PLATFORMSLinuxPC (Microsoft Windows)Mac
PRICEEarly-access USD 19.99Full release USD 24.99