Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual! PC VR Demo Now Available on Steam

Sam & Max

HappyGiant’s Absurdist VR Adventure to be Featured as Part of “Venice VR Expanded” at Upcoming Venice International Film Festival 

14 August, 2021 – Publisher Big Sugar and developer HappyGiant are delighted to share the news that the playable demo for the upcoming PC VR version of the zany adventure Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual! is now available to download on Steam.

Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual! will also be available to play for those visiting the Venice VR Expanded segment of the 78th annual Venice International Film Festival or at one of the 14 Venice VR Expanded satellite locations around the globe.

Everyone’s favorite anthropomorphic vigilante private investigators have been selected as part of this year’s “Out of the Competition – Best of VR”, which will be available September 1-11 on site at the festival (Sala Amici, Palazzo del Casinò, Lido di Venezia), and then online and at the Satellite Venues September 1-19, 2021.  

Following its debut on Oculus, Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual! will launch later this year for SteamVR and Viveport Infinity, and then PlayStation VR in early 2022. Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual! can be wishlisted now on Steam.

Gameplay Highlights

  • Experience the two-fisted japes and tomfoolery of internationally beloved icons Sam & Max in mind-melting virtual reality!
  • Push yourself to be the best of the best of the middling, as a dog and a naked rabbity thing harangue and cajole you through a bewildering assortment of Freelance Police Academy training challenges.
  • Discover the horrible and socially relevant secrets lurking behind, under, and within Cap’n Aquabear’s rotting theme park!
  • Give evil scientists and demonic trespassers their just desserts… with sprinkles!
  • Immersion so real you can feel Sam’s breath on your neck!

EDITOR’s NOTE: Screenshots and additional information are here. Review codes available to qualified press & content creators. Interviews are available upon request.

About Sam & Max
Sam & Max, Steve Purcell’s dog and rabbity-thing known collectively as the Freelance Police, were introduced to the unsuspecting world in 1987. They have appeared in comics, video games, an animated TV series, and an Eisner award-winning webcomic. Together they patrol the sticky streets of a fantastical New York City, righting wrongs, smashing evil, and delivering hot steamy plates of justice on the daily. They’ve been to Heck and back, shattered the time stream, and made America safe for bigfoots … and are now coming to virtual reality.

About HappyGiant
HappyGiant is a leader in XR games and immersive experiences. Founded by veterans of LucasArts, the company are winners of a prestigious KAPI Award for “Best Mixed Reality Toy of the Year 2019”. Its first AR Game, HoloGrid:Monster Battle, was featured by Apple as “Game of the Day”, and received numerous awards. Its QuasAR Arena game was one of the first true ‘persistent multiplayer’ AR games to market, and Geek & Sundry listed HappyGiant’s AR Platform as the #1 leading AR Gaming platform of the future. HappyGiant has worked with companies including Microsoft, Disney, Hasbro, Spin Master, Qualcomm, and was a runner-up in Niantic’s first Beyond Reality Contest.

About Big Sugar
Big Sugar is a new publisher that does what it wants. And what it wants is to work with talented independent developers and to publish the unique, fun, compelling, entertaining, memorable, and all-round high-quality games that they create.